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House Cleaner Prices

How Much Does an Average House Cleaning Service Cost?

The average cost to hire a house cleaner in the U.S. is around $160, however, a typical range starts from $115- $227. Of course, this does vary depending on your location and the overall size of your home. Other factors are if it is a company or an individual, in addition to the quality of the service provided.

When you start to shop for a cleaning service, bear in mind there is a range of costs and quality on offer. For example, a high-end housecleaning can be as expensive as $340 each visit, and on the low end, it can cost as little as $60.

Professional cleaning agencies charge more an hour than individual housekeepers. For example, a maid service per hour is from $25-$45 on average, while individuals charge from $9-$25 per hour depending on the location.

Biweekly cleaning for a 2 bedroom, 900 square-foot apartment starts from $60 to $120. A 1,300 square-foot home can run you from $80 to $150 every 2 weeks. As the house size increases, so do the cost: a 2,200 square-foot home can cost from $100 to $180 twice a month.

These costs generally cover basic services, so you need to bear this in mind, so if you are looking for more, additional fees to perform move-out cleans and cleaning windows, refrigerators, and ovens are all considered add-on costs that you need to ask about if you want them included in your cleaning package.

An individual house cleaner will usually offer basic cleaning services that include mopping, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning countertops, and tidying the living areas. While this does cost less than hiring an actual company, a private house cleaner is often not bonded or insured. And, if you do need additional services, you may need to look elsewhere for them.

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